5 Great Date Destinations In St. Louis


Visiting St. Louis with your sweetie sometime soon?  As a lifelong St. Louisan – I forget how many great places there are in this town to take a date and spend some quality time in the gateway city.

I had a unique opportunity to showcase some great Saint Louis “date destinations” when my girlfriend, Dolsee, who currently lives in South Dakota came to visit my home town.  Here are just a handful of the fun things we did together!

360 Rooftop Bar Downtown

The beautiful bar and restaurant on top of the Hilton hotel in downtown Saint Louis has incredible views of the city, including an up-close look at the Gateway Arch and Busch Stadium.

From our spacious booth on the 26th floor, we enjoyed custom drinks while dining  on zesty homemade chips and a delicious roasted chicken pizza.

Our server Liz notes that 360 is a hot spot for date night with sharable plates, access to fire pits and low lights.  Best time to enjoy 360 with that special someone?  Definitely a week night.  “Weekends attract more of a party crowd” says Liz.  “It’s best to visit during a week night when it’s not as crowded.  Game nights are also fun with views looking into Busch Stadium down the street.”

Dolsee’s Pick: Order the house made, chocolate kit-kat bar with crushed pralines on top.



Fox And Hounds

I admit it. I’m a bad Saint Louisan. I had never been inside the historic Cheshire Inn or the Fox And Hounds Tavern in Clayton.  What a treat!

Just a short distance from Forest Park, the destination has super cool themed guest rooms for out-of-towners looking for a home base while visiting.  Fox And Hounds is available to anyone, regardless of whether you’re staying at the hotel.  It has been a popular date destination in Saint Louis for decades.

One of my radio listeners commented “I took a date there 30 years ago.  We are still together today.”  In fact, many couples return again and again because they love that Fox And Hounds has largely stayed the same all of these years.

“It’s so much fun to see couples return and giggling like school children after coming back for a 40th or even 50th anniversary dinner.” says our server, Nathan Livinghouse.

Dolsee’s Pick: Try the egg nog and play checkers in your booth while you wait!




City Museum

The best part of a date is doing something that requires very little thought, a lot of fun and the chance to be close to your significant other.  The City Museum may be viewed as a place for kids to run around – but, adults can have a ball, too!

Dolsee and I crawled through caves, climbed up mazes and slid down slides while only occasionally recalling our ages.

The museum also offers kid-free events if you don’t want to brave an afternoon with young ones running all over the place.

I mean, what’s more fun than riding on a Ferris wheel on the roof of a building?  Answer: NOTHING.

Bill’s Pick: The elevator.  Disregard the signs that say you should take the steps to the rooftop.  You’re not that young anymore.

City Museum Ferris Wheel


Moonrise Hotel

It’s hard to miss the giant moon orbiting over the Delmar Loop – down the street from the famous Chuck Berry statue and the Saint Louis Walk of Fame.  While the Moonrise is in fact a hotel with groovy characteristics seen in the 60’s & 70’s – you can also enjoy a date up on the roof, even if you’re not staying overnight.

With both outdoor seating or covered space inside the Twilight Room – the Moonrise Hotel is the perfect spot to chill out and simply enjoy the company of your special date.

“I think it’s the perfect spot for couples to just enjoy having a conversation” says server Nick Openlander.  The menu is simple and the bar staff is up to the task for mixing any drink.   Even when it’s cold outside – the indoor section is open year round.

The downstairs lobby, with it’s retro furniture and lighting, provide some ideal opportunities for “date night” photos.

Dolsee’s Pick: Cuddle up in one of the rooftop moon chairs and watch the sunset!



Union Station’s Grand Hall

At it’s peak – Saint Louis Union Station served over 100,000 people a day   While the majority of the property is currently undergoing massive construction – there’s one spot that’s still open and it’s sure to become one of your favorite local spots to take your date.

The Grand Hall is a bit of a hidden gem, despite an insanely cool light show that projects on the ceiling each night from 5-11.  There are 12 variations of the high tech program that left my date smiling like a school kid during the entire presentation.

It’s a perfect destination before an event at the next door Scottrade Center or just a place to enjoy some time together with drinks and small plates – like toasted ravioli or locally made Gus’ pretzels.  The building is beyond beautiful and of course, the famous “Whispering Arch” at the entrance is a good place to deliver a sweet message to your loved one.

Keep in mind – the Grand Hall is also a popular venue for weddings and other events so call ahead before heading down, especially on a weekend or you may find it closed to the public.

Grand Hall




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