About Bill Clevlen

It is the greatest job in the world, getting to travel across America and find people and places making our country great.

I’ve been on the radio, based in Saint Louis, Missouri for over 16 years.  “Bill On The Road” was born in 2013 – largely because I became fed up with reading so many negative stories, focusing on bad things about cities and states – instead of highlighting the positives.

I’m honored to be a member of the highly respected Midwest Travel Writers Association.

Other fun facts: I love a medium rare steak, always have time for a good joke and for fun, I play a game you’ve never heard of called Pickleball.  (Go ahead and google it, you know you want to.)
I’m also an amateur photographer and love sharing my travel photos on my instagram page.  You can find them at instagram.com/billontheroadusa
Grand Canyon