Baton Rouge, LA


The capital city of Louisiana is more than just a place to pass through on your way to New Orleans.  Baton Rouge has some incredible history, great food and beautiful plantations.  In this episode of Bill On The Road, you’ll hear about one of those plantations including a visit with “Mike The Tiger” (The famous LSU mascot and its vet on campus), a local celebrity from the show Food Network Stars and more!



Baton Rouge LSU
Where the magic happens in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! The stadium at LSU.


Mike The Tiger
The only tiger that lives on a college campus in North America. This is “Mike”.


A look at the Mississippi River from downtown Baton Rouge, LA.
A look at the Mississippi River from downtown Baton Rouge, LA.


On the oldest plantation in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I’ve never seen grass so green!!



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