Historic Clock Tower


Look up from almost anywhere in Rome, Georgia and you’ll see this historic clock tower. You’ve probably never had a reason to visit the small town of Rome.  It’s about an hour or so from Atlanta and while certainly not a travel destination for most – it does have a nice little downtown with old time shops, a few nice parks and overall a good place to pull off the road and take a break from driving.

One notable “quirk” to discover in Rome is this giant clock tower.  It’s listed in the National Historic Registry for its age, size and importance to the area.  Or at least it used to be important.

According to the city website – it was built in 1871 to hold 250 thousand gallons of water for the city of Rome.   A year later, clocks were added at the top (they point in each direction).  The water tower portion is 63 feet tall and the clocks and bell at the top add another 41 feet.   To boot, it’s located on the top of a steep hill.

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