Lincoln Presidential Museum


The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum is one of my favorite of Presidential libraries.  It’s run by the state of Illinois and is right in the mix of Lincoln historical sites in Springfield, Illinois – the Lincoln home, his tomb, law office and the former state capital where Lincoln served as a Senator.

It’s a fantastic place for all ages but an especially incredible place for kids to learn about President Lincoln up close and personal.  Who wouldn’t choose to see things like the bed Lincoln died in, or one of his famous hats – instead of just reading about them in a book?

During a special visit to Springfield for a Presidents Day broadcast I visited with Clare Thorpe – the Director of Guest Services for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library & Museum.  We discussed all of the neat things visitors will get to see, some of the special exhibits coming in 2015 and a special feature that the library has for guests that only exists in three other places in the U.S.

Listen to our interview here:


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