Louisville Slugger Factory

Holding onto Mickey Mantles baseball bat at the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum

There’s nothing better than the smells of fresh cut lumber being shaped into a baseball bat.  Each day, the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum show visitors how bats are made – from start to finish.  You’ll even get a little special gift at the end of your tour.

During a recent visit to Springfield, I visited with Anne Jewel – the Vice President and Executive Director of the Louisville Slugger Factory & Museum and had a great discussion about the role of the museum and the unique opportunity for visitors to see up close the real, working factory.

It should also be noted that she was one of the nicest “higher ups” I’ve ever interviewed.  Moments after our chat, she was on the floor in the museum, trying to get the perfect shot of me holding a Mickey Mantle baseball bat.  I’ve never seen a Vice President of anything go the extra step like that… first class!



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