Media Kit

Thanks for your interest in hosting Bill On The Road.  I look forward to sharing the stories of your destination on an upcoming road trip.

Here are a few things you may find useful:



The latest addition of storytelling tools is our video feature called “The Roundabout”.  These short segments highlight interesting or amusing aspects of museums, historical landmarks or businesses.




Each week, I have the good fortune to speak to over 1,000,000 radio listeners through a combination of shows and affiliates.

Regular contributions to XM satellite radio are heard across all of North America.  Local audiences in St. Louis, Missouri (KFNS), Carlyle, Illinois (WCXO) and Paducah Kentucky (WDXR, WNGO) hear daily or weekly reports with road trip ideas and travel stories.

Based in St. Louis, MO – Bill has been featured each weekday on the #1 afternoon radio show in town for nearly 20 years.



My website, continues to be a useful tool in sharing road trip ideas.  The website and social media audience breaks down as follows:

Gender:   59% – Women /  41% – Men

Top States:  1. Missouri  2.  Illinois  3.  Kansas  4.  Texas  5.  Florida

Age:  1. 55-65  2.  33-54


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A regular contributor to Missouri Meetings & Events Magazine



Proud member of the Society of American Travel Writers and Midwest Travel Journalists Association.