World’s Tallest Fork

Springfield Fork
Standing in front of the world’s tallest fork! (Photo Credit: Susan Wade – Springfield CVB)

This was a bit of a hidden piece of road quirk in Springfield, Missouri – behold the world’s tallest fork!

It weighs 11 tons and stands 35 feet tall near the front of a three story building that houses a local ad agency.  Its former home was a restaurant that went under.  Thankfully, the mighty utensil has been saved for goofballs like me that crave the wackiness of roadside attractions.

As I mentioned – it’s not simple to find and perhaps that’s on purpose.  The exact address is: 2215 West Chesterfield in Springfield, MO.  You’ll see it on the right side at the back of the parking lot.  It’s not placed on the side of the road.   As always – be respectful as it’s technically in an office complex where people with real jobs do whatever it is those people do.

“When you come to a fork in the road – take it.”

-Yogi Berra


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