In honor of Walt Disney’s birthday – today we’re talking about amusing Disney World fun facts.

Admission was only $3.50 on opening day.

Dead people’s ashes are everywhere.  Despite the fact that it’s illegal, people still try and spread ashes inside the park and even on rides.  The parks apparently even have a special vacuum for such occasions.

If you spent one night in each hotel room in Disney World, it’d take you 68 years.

More than 200 pairs of sunglasses are turned in to lost and found each day.

It’s estimated that 5 percent of ALL photos taken inside the United States were taken in a Disney theme park.

It took an act of Congress to install the Presidential Seal in the “Hall of Presidents” attraction. There are only three seals: one in the Oval Office, one in the hall containing the Liberty Bell, and one in the “Hall of Presidents.”

Since 1971, the Walt Disney World monorail trains have logged enough miles to make 30 round trips to the moon.

The colored concrete walkways in the Magic Kingdom seem to correspond to each section. They’re  colored because Kodak and Disney did a study and found that light reflecting off colored concrete creates more vivid photographs.

The 14-story “Tree of Life” in the middle of Animal Kingdom is actually an old oil rig.

Two interesting things that happened inside Disney hotels:

-In 1973, Former president Richard Nixon delivered his infamous “I’m not a crook” speech in the ballroom of Disney’s Contemporary Resort.

– In 1974, at Disney World’s Polynesian Resort, the Beatles signed the documents that officially broke up the group.


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