[tps_header]It was my first time visiting Houston, Texas and from what I heard over and over – a lot has changed in the last several years.  The city ranks as one of the top spots in the entire country for everything from job creation to “most interesting places to eat”.  (No joke – there are over 10,000 places in which to dine.)

After spending almost four full days in H-Town – here are 8 things that I really liked about Texas’ largest city.[/tps_header]

[tps_title]1.  Ya’all Don’t Have An Accent


I thought for sure I’d be engulfed by Texas twang during my visit and was fully prepared to sound like a cowboy by the time I hopped on the plane for home.  Having spent a considerable amount of time in the south – it was glaring that not once did anyone use the phrase “ya’all”.   That’s not to say people don’t say it in Houston – but it was bizarre that I never actually heard it once, or any real “twang” for that matter, despite striking up conversations with dozens of people. So much for assuming!

Houston has recently surpassed New York City as the most ethnically diverse place in America and more than 90 different languages are spoken among the 2.3 million people that call this home.

So, there are certainly accents – but there didn’t seem to be a Houston accent.   That’s cool because it shows that the city is full of all sorts of people from all around the world.

Welcome To Houston

The Marriott in downtown Houston made me feel welcome with a Texas pin and a nice welcome note from Caitlin at the hotel’s front desk!


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