It’s the most popular tourist destination in Milwaukee, Wisconsin for good reason. The Harley-Davidson Museum is a place of interest for people that have never even considered sitting on a motorcycle. In fact, the majority of the visitors to Harley-Davidson are not owners of the brand or any other motorcycle for that matter.

From the very first Harley-Davidson ever built (pictured here) to unique and bizarre decorated motorcycles – the museum is spot on in terms of variety and history. Not knowing a thing about the story of Harley-Davidson or having any interest at all in motorcycles – I still walked away enjoying my time in the museum.

By chance, the day of my visit was the day the Milwaukee based company unveiled it’s first all-electric motorcycle prototype. I was able to visit with one of the engineers that built it and hear some feedback from some of the lucky riders who were able to test it out.

In this episode of Bill On The Road – we take a quick look inside the beautiful Harley-Davidson Museum.