About Bill Clevlen

Traveling across America and telling the stories of great people and places is the thrill of a lifetime.

I’ve been on the radio, based in Saint Louis, Missouri for over 18 years.  “Bill On The Road” was born in 2013 – largely because I became fed up with reading so many negative stories, focusing on bad things about cities and states – instead of highlighting the positives.  I’ve shared road trip stories on television, radio, newspapers and magazines across the U.S.

I’m honored to be a member of the highly respected Society of American Travel Writers (SATW) and Midwest Travel Journalists Association (MTJA). 

I also host an award winning podcast called Rediscover America.

In 2017, I traveled across the U.S. on a national book tour to promote my latest project: 100 Things To Do In America Before You Die. (Available: HERE!)   It’s a collection of 100 uniquely American experiences to have in the USA including two from my home town – taking a ride to the top of the Gateway Arch and seeing a show at the Fabulous Fox Theater.


Other fun facts:  I am sarcastic to a fault and love to laugh. I am the host/announcer of the Mid-America EMMY Awards and regularly play a game called Pickleball – which is a hybrid of tennis, ping-pong and tennis.
Follow my travels here at billontheroad.com or in real-time at facebook.com/billontheroad