Back To School In Memphis


During a quick stop through Memphis, I joined my friend Jonathan Lyons of at an incredibly clever place called Lunchbox Eats!  I’m not a food critic but I do appreciate great ideas and clever concepts.  The small restaurant is within walking distance of the FedEx Center in downtown Memphis.

The entire place is based around a school theme – including meals served on trays you remember from the school cafeteria.

When you’re ready to place your order – you take a “test”, checking off the right answers (or menu items) that go with your order.  The menu by the way, is printed on notebook paper. 

They offer both outdoor and indoor seating.  Outside, the chairs even bring back memories.   Inside you’ll find games (feel free to play) like Connect 4 and other classics you’ll remember from those indoor recess days.

The food, while good, was a bit messy – I ordered a Turkey burger and it fell apart after two bites.  Perhaps a salad would have been a better choice.  I don’t think Jonathan had to use 40 napkins like I did.

Lunchbox Eats is located at 288 South Fourth Street in Memphis.

By the way, the watermelon lemonade served here was hands down the greatest tasting lemonade I’ve ever had.




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