Catching Shrimp In Biloxi


It’s always fun to do things that give you a real taste of what life is like in different parts of the country.  In southern Mississippi – along the coast – catching fresh fish is a way of life and has been for generations.  If you like shrimp – you won’t find it much more fresh than you will in restaurants in Biloxi.  That’s because the shrimp here are plentiful and catching them is big business.

The Biloxi Shrimping Trip is a 70 minute experience that shows you first hand everything you could possibly want to know about shrimp and how they are caught.  The guides even give you tips on where to eat around town for the best seafood.

Next time you visit the area you can hop on board a shrimp boat tour with David Graham and learn all about what it takes to catch them.

Biloxi Shrimp Tour
Tourists visiting Biloxi, Mississippi can see first hand how shrimp is caught and learn about fresh seafood and how important it is to the city and greater region.
Biloxi Shrimp Tour
David Graham talks to the tour group on board about how shrimp is caught using nets and special tools dragging along from behind the boat.
Biloxi Shrimp Tour
After the net is lifted up after about 20 minutes in the water, Mr. Graham pulls it back to the boat to see what we’ve caught!
Biloxi Shrimp Tour
The shrimp are tossed into a tank while other fish are tossed back into the water.
Biloxi Shrimp Tour
Some of the extra fish that were picked up
Biloxi Shrimp Tour
The seagulls are well aware of what happens on this boat. They followed it to sea and as you can see – went crazy when fish were released back into the water. One of the fish were literally stolen out of his hands by one of the birds.

Listen to our conversation about catching shrimp, why 95 percent of all shrimp will die or be eaten by other wildlife regardless of what fisherman catch and hear Bill get scolded for not eating it!

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