Darley Newman is the host of Travels With Darley, a television program that airs nationally on PBS affiliates.  (Also available now on Amazon)

Her show highlights destinations both in the U.S. and around the world, all through the eyes of locals.

Darley knew in high school that she wanted to have her own travel show, and learned the skills she uses today in her own company through various media jobs.  She operated cameras, wrote scripts, learned how to edit video and interview guests.   She has a small crew that travels with her to shoot on-location, but still takes the lead in writing episodes and editing the final on-air product.

She’s also the host of another TV program called Equitrekking which can also be seen on PBS.  Darley, who has been riding horses since she was a kid, said she pitched the show to the network who loved the idea.  “They said nobody had ever done a travel show on horseback.”   It went on to be nominated for multiple Emmy awards and opened the door for her current show, Travels With Darley.

In our podcast interview, we discuss some of the places that both of us have recently visited, how she films her show, and why she selects certain destinations to be featured.

We also talk about trying new foods while traveling, and some of the places we’ve both recently visited in the U.S. that deserve consideration for your next American road trip.


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