FORT WORTH, TEXAS – In Texas, it’s required by law to do everything big.  Which is why I decided to attend my very first rodeo at the place where indoor rodeos began.  During my visit, the Fort Worth Stockyards was packed with locals and tourists alike, all jammed into this historic gathering spot for food, music and bull riding.  The stockyards has been around in some form since 1886.

As you entered the Cowtown Colliseum – under the spotlight  in an otherwise completely dark arena – was a giant John Deere Tractor.  As the festivities began, the patriotic crowd sang the national anthem, God Bless America and the peppy state theme song – Deep In The Heart Of Texas.   I sat next to a family from India that didn’t quite grasp the ritual of clapping your hands during the song.  But,  by the third verse – they too were clapping along like local cowboys.

As I witnessed my first rodeo – I sat there wondering why anyone would want to ride a bull.   Then I sat there wondering who was the very first idiot to try it to begin with?  Either way – it was Texas at it’s best and a thrill to be in a place full of such early American history.