Houston’s Beer Can House

Last week, we talked about things to do in Los Angeles since the Dodgers made it into the World Series.  To be fair and balanced – I thought we’d talk about things to do in Houston and Texas this week!

First up – because I love all things “quirky” – did you know that Houston has a house covered in beer cans?

The story goes a man named John Milkovisch retired from Southern Pacific Railroad and decided he just wanted to drink beer.  Mission accomplished, Mr. Milkovisch!  The cans on display on the home all were emptied by John himself.  He claims he didn’t do it for attention but did enjoy seeing cars come to a screeching halt when they looked out of their windows and saw his house covered in beer cans.

The project started in 1968.  It took him 18 years but he finally finished – and it still looks the same as it did back then.

The Beer Can House is now operated by the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.    Mr. Milkovisch passed away in 1988.

“I had no idea that people would be so interested in beer cans. Now me, I wouldn’t go around the block to see it.”  – John Milkovish

Milkovish said his favorite brand of beer was – “whatever’s on sale”.

There are an estimated 50,000 beer cans covering the house.  You can stop by and see the house for free, or take a tour of the inside for $5.00.

More info: http://orangeshow.org/beer-can-house/


Standing in front of the infamous “beer can house” in Houston, Texas