Martin Luther King Jr Historic SiteVisiting the Martin Luther King Jr. historic site wasn’t on the calendar but I shaved off a few minutes here and there at my other stops so I could pay my respect to a man that brought so much hope and good will to the world that certainly continues to need it to this day.   Martin Luther King Jr. didn’t just speak for black people, he spoke for all people.

Being at the Martin Luther King Jr National Historic Site was a wonderful experience.  I quickly browsed through the small museum on site and then strolled over to the reflection pool near his final resting place and an eternal flame that is burning across the walkway. You can also visit his childhood home down the street, which I didn’t have time to do.

But, the magical moment came while spending a few moments in Ebenezer Baptist Church.  This is the place of worship where Dr. King preached in Atlanta.  Going on a weekday afternoon turned out to be wise because it wasn’t crowded. In fact, for awhile, I was the only one in the sanctuary.  Someone had a brilliant idea to play audio of his old sermons on the loud speakers, into the room.   Sitting in a pew alone, staring ahead at the pulpit (which was roped off) hearing his voice the way it sounded when he preached there was special.   The view of the stained glassed windows, the organ that once played hymns and even the chalkboard on the wall that noted what songs they’d be singing that morning.

Atlanta is certainly full of things to see and do but be sure to plan a little time on your next visit there to reflect and experience a spiritual awakening at the Martin Luther King Jr Center and Ebenezer Baptist Church.