Media Kit

Thanks for your interest in hosting Bill On The Road.  I look forward to sharing the stories of your destination on an upcoming road trip.

Here are a few things you may find useful:


The latest addition of storytelling tools is our video feature called The Roundabout.  These short segments highlight interesting or amusing aspects of museums, historical landmarks or businesses.


Each month, I have the good fortune to speak to hundreds of thousands of radio listeners across America through a combination of local shows and station affiliates.

I’m also a regular contributor to XM satellite radio which is heard across all of North America.

Based in St. Louis, MO – I’m featured each weekday on one of the most listened to radio shows in the mid-west – The Large Morning Show in the Afternoon with Frank O. Pinion. 


The Rediscover America podcast won a Mark Twain Award in 2017 for digital storytelling.  Each episode gives road trip ideas, and shares interesting stories about people and places across America.


My website, continues to be a useful tool in sharing road trip ideas.  The website and social media audience breaks down as follows:

Gender:   59% – Women /  41% – Men

*Top States:  1. Missouri  2.  Illinois  3.  Kansas  4.  Texas  5.  Florida

*Top Age Demos:  1. 55-65  2.  33-54

Social Media Links:


A regular contributor to Missouri Meetings & Events Magazine and freelance writer for various publications, including state tourism offices like Travel Iowa. 


Proud member of the Society of American Travel Writers and an active board member of Midwest Travel Journalists Association.

I am the announcer for the Mid America EMMY Awards held each Fall.


Author of the popular travel guide – 100 Things To Do In America Before You Die.  

My latest book – Driving Across America is out Spring 2019.