Odds are good that you probably can’t name a single Polka song if your life depended on it.  But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t find thousands of Polka-loving fans all around the country.  Many of them tune in each week to watch Mollie Busta – better known as “Mollie B”.   Ms. Busta is the host and producer of Mollie B’s Polka Party seen on the RFD television network.

Mollie grew up performing in her father’s polka band, and learned to play as many as 14 different instruments.  Over the years, she started playing in various festivals, and recording original music.  Eventually, her performances grew in popularity and now she travels all over the U.S. playing Polka in sold-out dance halls.

During our conversation we talk about the process of filming her dance show, being an “old soul” and why there don’t seem to be any sad Polka songs.


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To learn more about Mollie, and see her videos and tour schedule, check out the website: mollieb.com