A short walk away from the Clinton Presidential Library and in the heart of a new and thriving downtown Little Rock, Arkansas is the Museum of Discovery.  It’s more than just a science museum and more than just a place for kids to learn.  All ages will enjoy the interactive exhibits and fun science based games that can occupy an entire day if you don’t watch the time.

The museum makes science fun for small kids or older adults – including the talented Kevin Delany who is periodically featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as the go-to “science guy”.

Museum Of Discovery

This was so much fun! A game that measures your brain waves. The more waves – the ball moves in your direction. The object however is to get the ball to move to your opponents side. Try NOT thinking! It’s a lot tougher than you’d think!


During a visit to the museum last Summer, Kevin set me on fire during an experiment. (Oddly enough, nobody has ever tried to set me on fire during one of these road trips.) The video is posted at the bottom – by the way.

I talked with Kendall Thorton at The Museum Of Discovery about an exciting new exhibit as well as all of the awesome things guests will experience when they stop by