Here are 10 quirky must see sights along the road you’ll want to stop by for a quick photo-op this Summer!

For better or worse, the United States has a thing for odd, unique or record setting statues, displays and structures.  They aren’t hard to find, at least not if you don’t mind driving a few miles off the highway in most cases.  You’ve seen the brown signs along the interstates warning you not to pass the exit for world’s biggest, oldest or tallest this or that.   We’ve included 10 of the quirkiest sights you should plan to visit on your next cross country road trip.  Feel free to add you own suggestion in the comments section!

Superman – Metropolis, IL.


Standing guard in front of Metropolis City Hall in Metropolis, Illinois.  The giant Superman is a bit off the highway but worth the extra miles to snap a photo with the giant replica of the comic hero.  There’s a small museum and other Superman related decorations, including a phone booth where you can change into your own cape.  On second thought, that might get you arrested. The Metropolis police station is also right around the corner.



If the thought of standing in four states at once really churns your butter, then have we got the place for you!  The Four Corners is where the states of Utah, Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico all touch.  It’s actually a bit more complex than that and all four states have jurisdiction over the land, including two tribal governments.  Interstate 40 passes just to the south of the area in New Mexico.



The giant replica of a rubber stamp sits in Willard Park, across from the City Hall in Cleveland, Ohio. The stamp says “FREE” (Backwards of course, like an actual rubber stamp.) It’s 50 feet tall and made of  aluminum and steel.



Okay, this one is actually pretty cool.  And you can see it in two places.  The first is in Branson, Missouri where you’ll just be driving along Country Blvd and BAM! It’s the Titanic! As huge as it is – it’s only half the scale as the original.  Inside you’ll find a cool tour with real artifacts from it’s voyage.  You also get to pretend to be one of the actual guests that were on board and then discover at the end if you die or not.  Okay, that’s kinda morbid – but, it’s still a neat experience. The other Titanic is in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.  It’s billed as “The World’s Largest Permanent Titanic Museum”.



You may want to consult your priest or minister to see if this counts as a “church visit”.  It’s an entire miniature golf course based on stories from the Bible.  Located in Lexington, Kentucky – it’s been named as one of the best mini-golf courses in the country.  Not sure if the ranking is based on creativity or absurdity. Maybe both?  Either way – a good time will had by all as you shoot a par 5 through Jonah & The Whale or sink a hole in one as your friends cheer on near the Garden of Eden.   According to their website, it’s actually pretty cheap – $6.25 for admission.



We go from Bibles to big butts. (And I cannot lie.) Word is this is the most photographed statue in the world. Really? I guess the Statue of Liberty just doesn’t show enough leg to be considered.  Add this to your list of must see sights.  It’s called Crazy Girls and just like those plaster face masks you made in 4th grade art class — real show girls were actually used to mold these things.  You’re actually encouraged to rub their bottoms for good luck. In most cities that would get you a restraining order. Swing by the Riviera Hotel & Casino to sneak a peek.



I love that small towns embrace their quirky sights. Collinsville, Illinois is located just outside of Saint Louis and is proud home of the biggest catsup bottle in the world.  (Now before you e-mail me that I’ve spelled catsup incorrectly – there are actually two correct spellings – catsup and ketchup.)  There’s an annual Catsup Bottle Festival in the area as well.


Golden Driller – Tulsa


This has to be on every road side attraction list.  A throw back to Tulsa’s days of oil production and just a fun off the beaten path photo op.  I was recently there for a visit to the Philbrook Museum Of Art and had to stop by The Golden Driller before my video shoot.  I’m glad I did.  Another tourist couple were there from Phoenix that happened to be celebrating their anniversary – seems that he proposed to his now wife at the foot of the statue years ago!  And when I say foot…. I mean…. foot!  Look at that thing!



No, it’s not the Incredible Hulk in drag, it’s the famous Jolly Green Giant.  I’ve never been a big fan of vegetables but I won’t take that out on the tallest resident of Blue Earth, Minnesota.  There are steps below the statue so you can get the perfect picture!



We’ll end with a real bundle of bizarre.  While I find it hilarious, this could be an example of why the rest of the world hates us.  It’s a house made of beer cans.   Sort of.  Over the course of almost 20 years, the owner put pieces of beer cans in place of standard siding.  Then, he covered the roof.  Then, the trees and so on and so forth. John Milkovisch, the original owner, died in 1988.

Some of his quotes are absolutely hilarious: “Some people say this is sculpture but I didn’t go to no expensive school to get these crazy notions.”  Or there’s: “I guess I thought it was a good idea.  It was easier than painting.”

The Beer Can House is located in Houston, Texas and is now part of an organization called the Orange Show Center for Visionary Art.