NASCAR Hall Of Fame

Some of the cars inside the main entry into the NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte, NC

In a beautiful building in downtown Charlotte, North Carolina you’ll find the NASCAR Hall Of Fame.  Not being a race fan, I still found the experience quite enjoyable.

The interactive exhibits – some of which you’ll see in the featured video – were fun no matter how deep your knowledge of NASCAR.

I had a personal tour from well known NASCAR historian, Buz McKim.  I had no idea Mr. McKim was such a star until random people in the museum kept approaching him for a chat.

Anyone can appreciate the beauty of these perfectly crafted and painted vehicles.  A true fan would really appreciate the actual hall of fame portion of the building and love seeing some NASCAR artifacts from their favorite drivers and race teams.

Don’t forget to try the racing simulator that NASCAR drivers use to practice.


With NASCAR Historian, Buz McKim at the NASCAR Hall Of Fame in Charlotte, North Carolina


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