“America’s Most Haunted Neighborhood” isn’t exactly what most towns want plastered on those big brown signs tourists see as they roll down the highway.

However, in Old Louisville, ghosts are as celebrated as a first-rate school district or local kid that makes it on American Idol.  (During the Paula Abdul seasons only, of course.)

Prior to meeting author David Domine, I had no real interest or opinion of ghosts in general.   In fact, only the notion of an open mind kept me from passing up the offer to tour this historic Kentucky neighborhood.

Maybe it’s not fair to say that all of the neighbors are thrilled about ghosts or the bizarre stories that surround their section of town. Thankfully, Zillow.com doesn’t have a box to check for “haunted”.

As Mr. Domine explained, there are plenty of people eager for the chance to encounter a spirit, haunting or brush with a ghoul of some sort.  Some of the homes in this neighborhood have turned from family dwelling to bed and breakfast – a capitalistic solution for the abundance of ghost lovers hoping for an encounter.

The neighborhood itself is stunning.  There are more Victorian style homes here than any other place in America.  You’ll also find an insane amount of stained glass windows as you stroll the sidewalks.  Speaking of which –  every neighborhood on Earth would welcome the massive walkways that line some of these streets.  In minutes, you realize why Old Louisville has been designated a National Preservation District – one of the largest in the country.

David Domine was the perfect companion for a tour through town.  He’s written several books, including True Ghost Stories and Eerie Legends from America’s Most Haunted Neighborhood.   He’s also a self-appointed ambassador for the community and would like to see Old Louisville become the next Savannah, Georgia.

As we walked from street to street, Domine shared stories about many of the homes – including those that are believed to be haunted.   He makes no secret that he’s more of a messenger than a hardcore believer.  Despite the fact that he’s had his own haunting experiences in an Old Louisville home of his own.   But, the stories are interesting, compelling and will make even a non-believer take a second look.

While you can certainly take a stroll through the neighborhood on your own – a guided tour is available during the week.  You can also find more information about Old Louisville on their website: louisvillehistorictours.com.