In 2018, Bill On The Road celebrated its 5 year anniversary.  Since June of 2013, my stories have reached readers and radio listeners all across the United States, and to people in all corners of the planet. It has truly been the most rewarding experience of my life. 

As I continue to grow my brand and mission of sharing positive stories about people and places across America – I have decided to begin production on a television/video series called Rediscover America with Bill Clevlen.  A comment I frequently hear from listeners or readers is:  “When are you going to get your own travel show?”   

Back in August I started seriously considering the addition of a full-length travel series. In the months that followed, I have had constructive conversations with industry insiders, including an executive at PBS.  Long story short – I will begin production on a treatment and pilot episode this spring.

As you might imagine, the cost of production is not cheap.  Since corporate sponsors don’t typically fund programs that have yet to be produced – I’m having to finance the first go-round on my own.  

To help offset some of the costs, I’ve decided to hold a trivia night fundraiser in the St. Louis area. I’ve also started a GoFundMe page.  Details on both are shared below.   If you’ve enjoyed the stories, road trip ideas, and videos provided here over the years, I hope you’ll consider making a small contribution.

More than ever, people in our country are divided, backed into their own corners and need inspiration.  The goal of the series will be the same that I’ve had in sharing my travel stories on-air and online.  To remind people that 99 percent of Americans are good, decent people and to encourage the public to reject stereotypes of red states, blue states, and other misnomers about various regions of the country.

Thanks for listening and as always – thanks for your support. Happy new year.

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