Bigfoot is known as the world’s first monster truck and travelers can see it up-close in Pacific, Missouri.  Their headquarters, located about 45 minutes from downtown St. Louis is about 15 miles from their original location where Bigfoot was constructed.

Anyone can walk into the shop during normal business hours and ask for a tour.  “We really enjoy getting to visit with the public and showing them the trucks.” says A.J. – one of the capable crew members that keep the trucks in tip-top shape.

A fleet of monster trucks are booked out for various events around the country, usually on weekends.  The trucks are prepared and then loaded into custom trailers for the trips.  Early in the week, the mechanics are busy doing everything from fixing broken parts to cleaning tires.  By Thursday, the vehicles are ready to go again for another round of events.

At the shop, nearly everything is done in-house, making the production and maintenance work less expensive and more efficient.   Giant Firestone tires are hard to miss, all stacked around the warehouse – each costing about $4,000 a piece.

Bigfoot 4×4, Inc moved to Pacific about five years ago, in search of a more spacious facility. The town has been more than welcoming to the company, and the visitors that come out to see it.

The local grocery store even pays tribute to the Bigfoot brand with a nice display inside it’s dining area.  Looking through the windows, you’ll note the parking lot has one vehicle that doesn’t look like any of the others.  Bigfoot 5 they call it – is the world’s largest pick-up truck, with tires more than ten feet high.

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