Most Parks & Recreation departments across America boast a public swimming pool, a fishing pond, a bike path or maybe a dog park or picnic pavilions.

Nashville’s Park system may beat them all.  What other city has a giant replica of the ancient Greek Parthenon?

It’s located in Centennial Park, near downtown Nashville, Tennessee.  The park was buzzing with activity during a recent trip for my brother’s wedding at the end of May.  And why not?  Who wouldn’t want to jog, picnic or ride a bike around something as gorgeous as this building?

The Parthenon is also Nashville’s Art Museum. The structure itself is built to scale and the most amazing thing is that it was built in 1897!

It costs $6.00 to go inside but even just standing outside is pretty cool.  The surrounding park hosts regular events with live music.  I didn’t have a problem finding parking, however on a weekend afternoon, I imagine it’s pretty crowded.