Idaho Potato Museum

It should be no surprise that a museum exists in the state of Idaho dedicated to its most notable icon – the potato.

The museum features a giant potato sculpture and is home to the world’s largest potato chip – a 25 inch wide Pringle.

While visiting you’ll learn amusing potato fun facts like:

-An average potato is 80 percent water.

-The average American eats 125 pounds of potatoes each year. (Germans eat twice that amount.)

-In 1995, the potato became the first vegetable to be grown in outer space.

World’s largest potato chip – on display


Yellowstone Zone Of Death

There’s a section of Yellowstone National Park within the state of Idaho that’s known as the “zone of death”.

It’s about 50 square miles worth of “legal free for all”.  There are no roads, no buildings, etc.  But, the biggest issue is that there is no legal way to prosecute criminal acts that may take place in the area.

According to the Sixth Amendment – a jury has to be comprised of residents from the state and federal district where a crime was committed.  But, since this portion of Yellowstone is in Idaho and the park itself falls under the jurisdiction of Wyoming – it means that it’s technically impossible to form a jury using those terms or any potential criminal case.

And since Yellowstone is federal land, neither Idaho or Wyoming have legal jurisdiction to amend the issue.  A 2016 horror film called Population Zero is actually based on the entire situation.


Museum Of Clean

The museum is a 75,000 square foot complex of exhibits about being “clean”.   Not “cleaning” but “clean”.

For example – you’ll learn everything you wanted to know about vacuums, toilets, washing machines, brooms, and bathtubs.

It’s a very hands-on museum that highlights the benefits of clean living.

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