I never pass up a chance to use the now famous quote from random Youtube star, Sweet Brown, who made us all chuckle when she coined the phrase: “Ain’t nobody got time for that!”  Well, when it comes to ironing while on a trip, especially on vacation, nobody’s got time for that!

When it comes to traveling and packing a suit case – there’s a great trick I always make time for. In fact, I’ve done it for years and saved the hassle of having to iron when I reach my destination. Nobody likes wrinkled shirts. This is especially important when taking a flight, where carefree strangers will violently hurl your precious belongings onto conveyer belts, trucks and scanners. Although, even on a road trip where you are in total control of your suitcase – this can be helpful.

Somewhere along the way, someone told me I should use (recycle) plastic bags when I pack my clothes. Not ziplock bags, although those can be quite handy as well. I’m talking about the plastic bags you get at the grocery store or shopping mall. If you’re like me, dozens of them are stored under the sink or in a closet – just waiting for the chance to be useful.

Simply put – the plastic bags seem to keep your clothes from sticking together and wrinkling. You can put shirts, socks or pants inside the bags or – what I do is layer the clothes. So, for example, I’ll put a few bags at the bottom of the suitcase, then set a couple shirts on top and then put a plastic bag on top. Repeat, until my bag is packed.

Why does it work? Hell if I know. Probably the same way a brand new shirt arrives at your door in a plastic wrapper instead of just tossed in a box. I’m very O.C.D. when it comes to my clothes – shirts especially. This little trick really helps keep them wrinkle free and the bags are then available as the trip goes on to use for your dirty clothes to keep them separate from the clean stuff!

Give it a shot! You can then keep the plastic bags in your suit case to use the next trip. I’m still using the same bags I’ve used for years.