Headed to Florida during the winter months?  This week, we’re talking about some interesting things to see in the sunshine state that you may not know about.


Located in Fort Pierce, the Seal Team Museum is the largest collection of Navy Seal history and artifacts.

Things you’ll see in person:  a Black Hawk helicopter, unique weapons only used by the Seals (“if they can’t buy it, they make it”) and three special battery powered Seal Delivery Vehicles.

Other cool items including the lifeboat that Captain Richard Phillips was saved on in 2009.  and the model of Bin Laden’s compound that was used in a special 60 Minutes report about the killing of the terrorist mastermind by the SEALS.

The museum also features the training beach obstacles that were used to train for missions during WWII.



Check out this incredible property once owned by the world-famous Ringling Brothers.  Today, in addition to the home of John Ringling – you’ll find multiple circus museums.   Read more.



At the height of the Cuban missile crisis, at least two different bunkers were built for then President John F. Kennedy.

One of them is still in tact today and you can actually tour it.  This bunker, located on Peanut Island (near Palm Beach) is where JFK would have supposedly run the country in the event of an attack.

You can find out more including tour info HERE.